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alleviating your dry eyes


Thank you for reading Alleviate Your Dry Eyes. Dry eye disease is being researched and explored every day. There are new products and treatments being developed regularly to help treat and alleviate the symptoms of this disease. Therefore, it is difficult to write a book about the best ways to treat the disease without having to revise the book every couple of years.
This resources page will be updated regularly for you to follow along with the book. In each chapter of the book, there will be corresponding resources that you will be able to explore further.

Starter kit chart:

Read through the charts to find the best products for you.

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Note: This is different from what is printed in the book as it needs to change from time to time.

Artificial Tears

These items can be found in the eye store, by navigating to Health and Beauty > Artificial Tears.

Type Examples Purpose
Lubricating Drops Systane Ultra, Refresh Tears, Refresh Optive, Thera Tears, Soothe Hydration, Soothe Long Lasting Hydration, Genteal Mild Used to replenish the tear film and wash away inflammation, pollen, dirt, and dust. Important to use in people who suffer from aqueous deficient dry eye to provide moisture to the ocular surface. Only to be used less than 4x/day.
Preservative-free lubricating drops Clear Eyes Pure, Systane Ultra, Refresh Optive, Thera Tears, Soothe PF Necessary for people who use lubricants more than 4x/day. Best with contact lens wear.
Lipid-based drops Retaine MGD, Refresh Optive Advanced, Systane Balance, Soothe XP, Genteal Moderate, Systane Complete, Refresh Repair These drops have oils in them which keep the watery layer of the tear film from drying out too quickly. They may blur your vision and can only be used less than 4x/day.
Preservative-free lipid-based drops Retaine MGD, Refersh Optive Advanced PF, Oculocin Propo, Refresh Mega-3 The best overall for use more than 4x/day. Not good with contact lens wear, try preservative-free lubricating drops.
Gels Refresh Liquigel, Systane gel, PF Celuvisc, Thera Tears Nighttime, Genteal Severe Easier to instill in the eye because the exit the bottle like a drop and form a gel on contact. Used at bedtime for additional lubrication.
Preservative-free gels Refresh Celluvisc Preservative-Free. Bedtime use when you are sensitive to preservatives.
Ointments Refresh PM, Soothe Nighttime, Systane Nighttime Used at night time in patients with trouble keeping their eyes fully closed at night. Thickest lubricant that prevents hydration of the ocular surface.

Lid Scrubs

These items can be found in the eye store, by navigating to Health and Beauty > Cleanser.

Type Examples Purpose
Spray cleanser for daily use Hyprochlor spray This product is gentle enough to use daily over a long term
Scrub cleanser for daily use Ocusoft lid scrub, Ocusoft lid scrub plus, Systane lid wipes Great for travel because they come in individual packages.
Foam cleansers for daily use Ocusoft lid scrub foam, Ocusoft lid scrub plus foam Personal preference if you prefer a foam over a spray.
Tea Tree Oil lid and lash cleansers Cliradex Light, Blephadex wipes, Blephadex foam, Eye Eco foaming tea tree eyelid cleanser Necessary if you have known demodex or itchy eye lid margins.
Organic lid and lash cleanser Zocular Very gentle on the eyes and comes in gel or wipe form. Will work against demodex without the strong tea tree oil scent.
Combination eye makeup remover and lid scrub We love eyes Great for eye makeup removal and scrub in one.
Prescription lid and lash spray Avenova, Acuicyn These are both very gentle for daily use

Omega 3s

These items can be found in the eye store, by navigating to Health and Beauty > Vitamins.

Type Examples Purpose
Best overall HydroEye by Science Based Health This product is high in GLA which is known to thin the blood. Do not take this product without first consulting your doctor, especially if you already take: Lasix, Coumadin, Xarelto, baby aspirin or full strength aspirin.
Medical grade PRN Dry Eye Omega This is a great alternative if you are taking a blood thinner
Locally sourced Nordic Naturals This product is readily available in GNC stores or on this website
Difficulty swallowing pills? Dry Eye Omega Benefits Liquid, Nordic Omega 3 Gummies Same great anti-inflammatory effect in a chewable or liquid form.

Warm Compresses

These items can be found in the eye store, by navigating to Health and Beauty > Dry Eye Products.

Type Examples Purpose
Microwavable option Bruder Moist Heat mask Good for at home use. Can also be hand washed and hung to air dry. You can utilize a towelette to minimize debris on the mask.
Great for travel Electric Eye Mask You don’t always have a microwave handy. This is an electric version that can be plugged into a USB port.
Combination hot or cold compress Tranquileyes Utilize either the Beads or Instants. Use for hot or place in freezer for 20 minutes for the cold compress.

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